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Annual Spring Training Seminar
To be held at the Lower Wisconsin River Wildlife Area

Club training day at Mazomanie on Saturday, June 10.  Club members will help you with any training issues and then the club will hold a WD/WDX will be held on Sunday, June 11, 2016


Other Training Days at either the Mazomanie dog training grounds or Coon Rock in Arena TBD.  Please fill out this information and email it to Vickie, Gretchen, Dawn or Kaye. We will be happy to help you get your dog out working in the field.

Gretchen DeGroot - dgrootg7@gmail.com
 Kaye Bennett - kayben2@yahoo.com 
Vickie Dahlk - vdahlk@charter.net
Dawn Schuster - RDCGSchuster@aol.com  


    Address___________________________________ Phone ____________________


    Dog's Name___________________  Breed _______________________

    Level you are working at ______________________________________

    Goals you would like to accomplish _____________________________

Hope you will be joining us for a some field work with our dogs!!! 

AKC Hunt Test

CSHE holds its AKC hunt test the last Saturday and Sunday in July each year. The hunt test is held at the Lower Wisconsin Riverway dog training grounds just outside of Mazomanie, WI. 
All members are encouraged to come out and help during this event. Please let us know if you can help during the weekend.

Please email vdahlk@charter.net@charter.net for more information, or go to the AKC Events page at:
http://www.akc.org/events to find out more inforamation for the hunt test.

Annual Fall Seminar 

CSHE also holds an Annual Fall Seminar each year. We hold either a training weekend and Working Dog test or we bring in a professional trainer for a 3 day weekend.  This is usually held the 3rd weekend in September either at the Bong recreation Area near Racine WI or at the dog training grounds near Mazomanie, WI, or Coon Rock hunt club in Area, WI.  Please contact Vickie at vdahlk@charter.net for more information.