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GLACSHE Newsletter 2015 

Note from the President

Dear members,
This is the second year of my presidency. It has been a challenge this year to get everyone together for training days. Last winter was colder than normal with snow most days and spring was slow in coming. The ice didn’t get off the ponds until late spring. Our spring training day was held at Wern Valley Sportsmen’s club. The turnout was small but the group was very dedicated. Wern was a great place to work and it is hoped we can plan a few more events there in 2016. 
Joe DeMarkis was our trainer again for our June seminar. We had a nice group of people this year. Vickie and Ron created a flushing tunnel with camo cloth and it worked amazingly well. To help Joe out Vickie, Dawn, Kaye and Mary took small groups to work on retrieving thus giving Joe more individual time with the group he had. We switched about midmorning and then worked together as a group in the afternoon. This appeared to work very well and I heard very positive comments on this from everyone. Joe has been a very popular trainer so we may be inviting him back again this year. 
The American Spaniel Club had its national at Purina Farms and as before CSHE were the hosting club for hunt test. The test was at Wil-Nor Hunt Club as it was last year. Our full board was at this event and it was HOT!!!!! It was over 100 degrees with the heat index. The club worked with the folks at Wil-Nor to provide water tubs at the beginning and end of the test. Even with the heat we had a great time and highly encourage everyone who is testing this year to plan on joining us in Missouri this year.
The very next weekend, July 25 and 26, was the CSHE hunt test. Temperatures here were wonderful (especially after the previous weekend). There was an excellent turnout for our test and it was a great success. I must thank all of you who volunteered. Without your help we could not do this test and have it turn out so well.
Our fall seminar this year was held at Coon Rock Horse and Hunt Club. The professional trainer this year was Brent LeMaster from Guadaira Kennels. I was only able to be present for one day at this seminar but I found Brent to be an excellent trainer. His focus was on control and provided us with some excellent training techniques you can do at home alone. Everyone should get themselves at least three place boards. I was amazed by the number of new skills I learned from Brent in just one day.
With the seminar at Coon Rock this year our reservation at Bong for the weekend of September 19 was going to go unused. Therefore, to use this time and to get members together we had a very quickly organized Working Dog test. This test turned out to be a Clumber Fest. I think we had 12 or 13 entries, 9 of them were Clumbers. Just a few days before the test there had been a down pour at Bong and the fields were full of standing water. It was a challenge to find dry places to plant the birds but Tamara did a great job getting the birds planted. It looks like we now have a new planter for our hunt tests . Our judge was member Patricia Giza and she gave everyone a chance to show her what the dogs could do. I had a great time working this test and even though it was quickly organized it was a great success.
As I look back on all that we did this year it looks like our club has had a good year. I hope everyone has a successful training year and I look forward to training with you again in 2016.

2016 Membership Forms

Please get your membership forms back to us as soon as possible. The dues from your memberships help pay for the club’s insurance and help to make this club successful. If you know of someone who would like to join CSHE, please let us know and we will get them a membership form.
Please let us know your ideas and comments for 2016. If there are events that you would like to see happen, the board would like to hear your thoughts and ideas. Please get the membership form back to Kaye no later than February, 1, 2016.

CSHE June Seminar 2015

June 6, 7, and 8, 2014, the club invited Joe DeMarkis of Shogun Kennels in Pa, back for our annual spring seminar. The event was held at the Lower Wisconsin River Riverway in Mazomainie, Wisconsin.  
This year's seminar was a successful event with several Spaniel breeds, including the Cocker Spaniel, English Cocker Spaniel (field and bench), Clumber Spaniel, Welsh Spaniel, as well as the Flat Coated Retriever being represented. The weather this year was cooperative as were the mosquitoes.
Levels of experience ranged from dogs who have never been shot over to dogs running in field trials. 
We learned some new techniques for handling our dogs in the field as well as some old ones from past seminars. Most notable is the new drills using place boards.  
Dinner on Friday evening was held at the Old Feed Mill in town. One of our favorite places to gather! Saturday evening we spent time with the group at Ron and Vickie Dahlk's home for our traditional Taco Pot Luck dinner.